Soul Doll – Kids girl body (N.L-Small breast)


Kids girl body
(N.L-Small breast)

Price: 219 USD

Skin/Resin Colour Available:

  • Normal Skin
  • White Skin
  • Sandy Brown Skin +40 USD
  • Grey Skin +40 USD

Note: Please choose one skin colour, additional fee may apply to certain colours.

[About special skin]

The work of special skin color is very hard and takes a long time than light skin (White, Normal). And it can be shown a little dusts, marbles, some tiny holes, spots etc on surface of doll during manufacturing process.(Just, gate parts on body are excluded.)
We don’t remove these things because the skin color can be changed lightly or dusky 
if we sand on the surface of the doll. So, please put your considering before make an order. We don’t accept any cancel, refund, exchange of your order as above reasons. 

Measurement: (Doll Body Only)

> Height : 43 cm
> Neck : 6.8 cm
> Shoulder width : 8.5 cm
> Chest : 16 cm
> Waist : 12.3 cm
> Hips : 19.1 cm
> Arm : 13 cm
> Leg: 27 cm
> Feet length : 5.5 cm
> Feet width : 2 cm