Soul Doll – D. Agness Darkness VER.


D. Agness
Darkness VER.

Order period: 11 June 2018 – 31 August 2018

Blank Doll: 600 USD

Default Face up Option: +60 USD
*Face up are optional
Body Blush Option: +100 USD
*Body Blush are optional

Wig, Light VER. Option: +25 USD
Wig, Darkness VER. Option: +25 USD
Wig, Light+Darkness VER. Option: +50 USD
*Wigs are optional

Hand Part Available:

  • Hand Type 1
  • Hand Type 2
  • Hand Type 3

Note: Please choose one hand type.
Extra Hands: $25/pair (+$35 if in blue or grey skin)

Heel Part Option: +25 USD
(+$35 if in blue or grey skin)

*Heel part are optional

Special Parts Non-Painted Option: +440 USD
Special Parts Painted Option: +690 USD
*Special Parts option contains:
Helmet, Armor sets, Long Sword, Short Legs with forearm parts for armors.
*Special Parts are optional

Extra Head Option:
Agnes or D.Agnes head in White or Normal Skin : +140 USD
Agnes or D.Agnes head in Blue or Gray Skin : +170 USD
With Face up: +60 USD
*Extra Heads + Face up are optional

* Because BJD dolls made after order, it’s impossible to cancel the order or refund after ordering.
* Soul Dolls will be shipped directly from Soul Doll(Korea) by EMS.

Skin/Resin Colour Available:

  • Normal Skin
  • White Skin
  • Gray +100 USD
  • Blue +100 USD

Note: Please choose one skin colour, additional fee may apply to certain colours. 

[Basic Price Includes]

– Basic Doll
– Eyes (size:14mm, Basically, same eyes as pictures)
– Kipping box (With cushion)
– Spare string for body’s tension
– Certificate of Authenticity

Measurements with NEW double jointed girl body:
>Eyes : 14mm
>Height : 64 cm
>Neck : 8.8 cm
>Shoulder width(including arm) :12.5 cm
>Chest : 26 cm
>Waist : 17 cm
>Hips : 27 cm
>Arm (to wrist from shoulder) : 18.5 cm
>Leg (to ankle from waist) : 40 cm
>Feet length :8 cm
>Feet width : 3 cm