Resinsoul Seng



This doll of 44cm tall, including one head, one 1/4 boy body (Wu’s body), one pair of PMMA eyes and packaging.

Price: 155 USD
Face Up Option: +10 USD

Skin/Resin Colour Available:

  • Normal
  • White
  • Pink +12 USD
  • Blue +12 USD
  • Purple +12 USD
  • Green +12 USD
  • Coffee +12 USD
  • Red +12 USD
  • Gray +12 USD
  • Sky Blue +12 USD
  • Dark Tan +20 USD

Note: Please choose one skin colour, additional fee may apply to certain colours.


Height: 44cm
Head size: 17cm
Neck size: 7cm
Shoulder width: 8.5cm
Chest: 17.5cm
Waist: 13cm
Hip: 18cm
Arm Length: 12cm
Leg length: 24cm
Feet length: 5.5cm
Feet wide: 2.2cm