Resinsoul Su


Su comes in 60cm new human girl body and 1 head with elf ear.

Price: 220 USD
Face Up Option: +10 USD
*Face up are optional

Skin/Resin Colour Available:

  • Normal
  • White
  • Pink +15 USD
  • Blue +15 USD
  • Purple +15 USD
  • Green +15 USD
  • Coffee +15 USD
  • Red +15 USD
  • Gray +15 USD
  • Sky Blue +15 USD
  • Dark Tan +30 USD
  • 20172232220599492009619111052fsd

Note: Please choose one skin colour, additional fee may apply to certain colours.


Height 60cm
Head size 21cm
Neck size 8cm
Shoulder width 10cm
Chest 21cm
Waist 14.5cm
Hip 23cm
Arm Lenght 20cm
Arm circumference 7cm
Leg lenght 32cm
Thigh circumference 14cm
Feet length 6.7cm
Feet wide 2.4cm