B&G Doll – Kevin Maid

Kevin Maid

Blank Doll: 159 USD

Face up Option: +55 USD
Face up + Body Blush Option: +70 USD

*Face up + Body Blush are optional

Skin/Resin Colour Available:

  • Normal Pink
  • Normal Yellow
  • White
  • Tan +20 USD

Note: Please choose one skin colour, additional fee may apply to certain colours.

Basic Price Includes:
– Basic Doll
– Eyes (random)
– Birth Card

Height (include head): 18.5cm
Width of shoulders: 4.4cm
Neck girth: 4.2cm
Chest: 8.8cm
Waist: 10cm
Hips: 11.5cm
Length of arm: 3.8cm
Length of shoulder to fingers: 4.4cm
Length of hip to ground: 5.9cm
Length of waist to ankle: 7.6cm
Length of foot: 2.4cm


Skin Comparison from top to bottom:
White skin, Normal Pink skin Normal Yellow skin, Tan skin